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Types of VHF Marine Radios You Should Know

Do you fish frequently? If so, VHF marine radios are helpful to you if you call other fishing fans to find out the best fishing spots, but they have multiple uses. Whether you have to call in a port controller to chart a course through coastal waters, converse with vessels passing by, or call in the event of any distress or emergency, a VHF marine radio is structured for that.

You can buy the handheld vhf radio, which is more convenient. These radios are common on most commercial vessels but should be an element of any pleasure craft as an emergency tool. If you want to get the best VHF marine radio, look at the many features. First, check if the portable or mounted device fits in your boat’s console.

Do not disregard the powerVHF radio and battery life that influence the distance the signal travels and how much is needed. The size of the screen is a vital deliberation for comfortable use. Finally, pay attention to the urgency features, look if it contains a GPS beacon, digital selective calling (DSC), and automatic identification system (AIS). Choosing the right VHF marine radio can be challenging given the large number of dissimilar models available today. Take your time to understand them better before buying.

What Are the Different Types of VHF Marine Radios Available?

When choosing a VHF marine radio, decide whether you want a portable unit or one that is permanently mounted on the boat, which will fit your needs. The more you navigate, the more severe the transmission range will be. Many units have a wide selection of channel characteristics that allow you to watch multiple channels simultaneously. Here are the main types of VHF:


The biggest benefit is that you can take it anywhere, fishing on a friend’s boat, on solo trips, or out away from inclement weather or potential thieves. These are battery-powered, so always carry spare batteries. They are small and powerful enough with a solid transmit power range for a glitch-free signal.

Fixed Mounted

These VHF marine radios are structured to run on the ship’s power source, so they are extremely powerful and require no batteries. Although they are not easy to move, you can disassemble the stand. Sailors prefer it for a wide transmit power range.

They are used on large motorboats or small yachts. You need a higher quality deep cycle marine battery or electricity source. They require the installation of an antenna. The units contain some GPS or identification systems. Its coverage distances are impressive, more than 15 miles.…