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Practical Ways to Prevent You from Losing Your Mobile Phone

With the crucial role of our mobile phones in our professional and personal lives, nobody would ever want to experience losing his smartphone. A lost mobile phone can mean missed opportunities, unexpressed emotions, and not able to hear what you want to. Indeed, being mindful of our valuables can help us keep our mobile phones from being lost and prevent us from experiencing much of the inconvenience of not having a phone for just a minute.

Today, locating a lost phone can be a little less challenging. With apps that can be installed on mobile phones, it can be identified where you left your phone. Such apps like Locate Vodafone Phone is truly helpful in instances when you misplace your phone. Unlike before, when these apps were not yet developed, you can only find a lost mobile if it is just meters away from you. That is if the battery is still working so you can hear the calls you are doing using another phone.

But even with these apps or related mechanisms such as adding security passwords, screen locking, and keeping your phone’s ID, a lost mobile phone may not always find its way back to you. This is why you should devise some ways in which you will not forget your mobile phone, like leaving it on a restaurant table. Here are some tips that you can apply to eliminate your chances of leaving your cell phone outside of your home.

Don’t Carry Your Mobile Phone With Your Bare Hands

It is always best to have a bag for your cell phone. It is less likely that you will forget your sling bag or a shoulder bag that contains your mobile phone than just carrying a phone with your bare hands. You may not also remove your sling bag from your shoulder while moving around or having dinner outside. And besides, they are bigger in size, so it’s impossible that you will not notice then when leaving.

Put Your Mobile in the Inside Pockets of Coats or Jackets

Cell phones are usually placed in the back pockets of pants by younger users. This may not only increase the chance of damaging your phone, but you can drop it unnoticed, or someone can pick-pocket it. When going out without a bag, the best place to put your cell phone is in the inside pocket of your coat or jacket. Dropping them is unlikely. It will also be impossible for somebody to pick-pocket it.

Bring a Cheaper Phone When Going Out to a Drinking Spree

One of the most common reasons why men lose their mobile phones is when they go out on a drinking spree. They forget their phones on the table of the bar, in the men’s room, or in the cab that brought him home. To prevent this from happening, if it is impossible for you not to bring a phone, then bring along with you a cheaper phone. Honestly, having two phones is beneficial in this case. Just make sure that one is cheaper that you are ready to part with anytime.…