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What Makes the Best Floor Standing Speakers

Do your old speakers seem incapable of filling your room like the sound we are used to in cinemas?  While you may have the best soundbar or computer speakers, they may not be capable of providing the sound that can fill a big room. You may have to settle for floor standing speakers.

Indeed, when you have a larger room, floor standing speakers can be the better choice. You can also use them when you hold parties in your home. The best floor standing speakers can even be reliable in small outdoor gatherings. With these possibilities, you ought to choose the most dependable floor standing speaker out there. Here’s how you should spot the right ones.

Excellent Speaker Drivers

Drivers are sound-producing engines in speakers. There are three of them, which are the tweeners, mid-range driver, and the woofer. The tweeners are responsible for high-pitched sounds. In contrast, the woofers are for low-pitched or bass range. Speakers can have two of the three drivers, and they can produce the cinematic sounds you are looking for. This is called a two-way configuration, where the tweener and the woofer are present. When three drivers are incorporated, it is called a three-way configuration, which can produce a more detailed sound.

Speaker Strength

If you want to go for more powerful speakers, you have to find models with higher wattage. Wattage determines the sound output. Wattage can be categorized into pear power or continuous. You can be assured of maximum sound output but in a shorter duration if the speaker has pear power. Choosing a continuous wattage can be a better choice as sound output is evenly distributed throughout.

Aesthetic Design

Floor standing speakers are more prominently seen than your computer speakers or soundbar. They may also be placed in a more conspicuous place when you station them in your living room. It is then important that they should look good. It is best to choose floor standing speakers with sleek designs to uplift a room’s appearance.

You should also consider the size of the speakers. Some can be wider while there are tall and slim models. You can choose the size of the speakers basing it from the size of your room.

It is a must to read the specifications on speakers’ brochures on the wattage, configuration, and frequency or let the seller spell them out as these are the factors that make the difference between ordinary and outstanding speakers.…