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Considerations When Buying a Graphics Card

A graphics card can be thought of as a mini-computer in your main computer. The device consists of the graphics processing unit (GPU) and its supporting hardware like RAM, power supply, and heat sink. The GPU is the control center of graphics; in the same way, the CPU is the computer’s brain. GPU creates all those fantastic images you see on the screen and is very critical for gaming computers.

But as you choose the best graphics card for your computer, consider the following things:

Space and Cooling

You need to be aware that GPUs emit lots of heat, and this is represented by the TDP value that determines the appropriate GPU for a specific computer. Where a computer has a high TDP value, it will need a higher number of fans to deal with the heat properly. And given the fan require space and power, the TDP value means a lot. For smaller computers, GPUs with low TDP values are adequate.


consider the power supplyBesides looking at the TDP value because of the space needed, it would also help consider if your power supply has adequate 8-pin and 6-pin connectors to serve your graphics card. The best idea would be to buy a decent power supply of not less than 80 Plus Bronze to be sure you are covered.

GPU Clock Speed

This refers to the speed of the GPU. A GPU with a high speed will produce a higher frame rate for gaming and execute tasks more quickly, holding all things constant. The GPU speed is comparable to that of others in the same family, as is the case with CPUs. It would be wrong to compare one GPU brand and with another different brand with a different clock speed and assume that the first one will perform faster. To better estimate how one GPU performs relative to other GPUS, you can take the speed processors and multiply by the clock speed.


Just as it would not be sensible to use expensive parts on a low-value car, it is unwise to install an expensive GPU on a cheap computer with a budget processor. One of the best ways to decide the GPU’s value to put in your computer is to buy one whose value is equal to 30% of your computer building budget.…