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Running Android Apps on Windows PC

While it is true that there has been quite a wide gap between android and windows apps, the gap has gradually vanished after a series of massive inventions. Innovators seem to go after the idea of Android apps for PC so that users no longer need to find different products for computer use. Since the era of smartphones, small-sized applications have been massively manufactured each year, but only a few of them are compatible with larger platforms, such as personal computer. Thus, the introduction of the new and versatile concept of the products is indeed fresh air for technology enthusiasts.

Many people deal with the fact that some of them prefer to use a personal computer rather than a smartphone. In fact, the rivalry between Android and iOS seem to go on and on until the latest developments arrive. These days, it is no longer impossible to run such applications on regular windows, of course, with a little adjustment. As it is a crucial subject since it is increasingly high in demands, this article presents several ways to run the entire process. Some additional platforms may be necessary, but it should not exceed the capacity of the big rig.

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Android Studio

Downloading the platform is among the most popular ways of using Android products on the regular computer. Google produces the platform as part of its official studio, and it serves to run the android apps on windows, of course, with different resolutions and configurations. One weakness of this procedure is that it involves a set of complicated arrangements that most users may prefer another platform with a less complicated installation. However, the fact that the platform is the unmodified version from the source will give users a peace of mind that the products will run the same way it does on Android platforms.

Android PC Ports

Different from the above option, the PC ports are the modified version of the operating system, and users need to install it on their computer. However, not all systems are compatible with the ports that it sometimes requires the installation of another platform. Remix OS is one of the examples. It needs at least 2GB of RAM and a dual-core processor. It is always advisable to have more specifications to have better performances. Users have been dependent on such platforms to run the applications smoothly on different systems. Unfortunately, innovators still need to work more on the performances, especially when games are involved.