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a graphics card

Considerations When Buying a Graphics Card

A graphics card can be thought of as a mini-computer in your main computer. The device consists of the graphics processing unit (GPU) and its supporting hardware like RAM, power supply, and heat sink. The GPU is the control center of graphics; in the same way, the CPU is the computer’s brain. GPU creates all those fantastic images you see on the screen and is very critical for gaming computers.

But as you choose the best graphics card for your computer, consider the following things:

Space and Cooling

You need to be aware that GPUs emit lots of heat, and this is represented by the TDP value that determines the appropriate GPU for a specific computer. Where a computer has a high TDP value, it will need a higher number of fans to deal with the heat properly. And given the fan require space and power, the TDP value means a lot. For smaller computers, GPUs with low TDP values are adequate.


consider the power supplyBesides looking at the TDP value because of the space needed, it would also help consider if your power supply has adequate 8-pin and 6-pin connectors to serve your graphics card. The best idea would be to buy a decent power supply of not less than 80 Plus Bronze to be sure you are covered.

GPU Clock Speed

This refers to the speed of the GPU. A GPU with a high speed will produce a higher frame rate for gaming and execute tasks more quickly, holding all things constant. The GPU speed is comparable to that of others in the same family, as is the case with CPUs. It would be wrong to compare one GPU brand and with another different brand with a different clock speed and assume that the first one will perform faster. To better estimate how one GPU performs relative to other GPUS, you can take the speed processors and multiply by the clock speed.


Just as it would not be sensible to use expensive parts on a low-value car, it is unwise to install an expensive GPU on a cheap computer with a budget processor. One of the best ways to decide the GPU’s value to put in your computer is to buy one whose value is equal to 30% of your computer building budget.…

flying drone

Top Applications of Drones

Initially, drones were mostly used in the military, but nowadays, drones are being used by entrepreneurs, SMEs, large companies, and even individuals to accomplish different tasks. Research has shown that a large number of drones are sold across the globe in the commercial markets. You can even find the best new mini drone. Several regulations are likely to be implemented concerning the continuous demand for drone technology. Captured below are some of the topmost applications of drone technology.

Aerial Photography

Nowadays, drones are used to capture footage instead of cranes or helicopters, which are expensive. Aerial drones are used to film sci-fi-scenarios and fast-paced actions, which make the cinematography process easier. These autonomous devices can also be used to capture events in sports and real estates as well. Moreover, journalists are considering using drones to collect live footage events, especially in places that endanger human life.

Used for Searching and Rescuing

droneThe existence of specialized sensors allows the drones to capture images even in the dark. It makes them an outstanding tool to conduct surveillance. Drones can discover the specific location of unfortunate victims or lost persons in the most challenging terrains. Apart from identifying where victims are located, drones are also used as a means of transportation to drop supplies in unreachable places. For example, you can use the drone to supply food and water to victims as they wait to be rescued.

Geographical Mapping

Surveyors use drones to get high-resolution information and download the imagery of difficult places to reach. Most especially areas on the islands, coastlines, and at the mountain tops as well. They also use the drone to create 3D maps.

Used for Disaster Management

During the disaster period, drones are used as a means of gathering information and also for looking for the affected persons. Its high definition sensors, radars, and cameras make the work of the rescue teams much easier. Places where large-sized aerial vehicles could be inefficient, drones can give a close-up view of such areas due to their small size.

Keeping Track of Wildlife

droneDrones are a treat to poachers. They provide exceptional protection to wild animals like rhinos and elephants, which are the most endangered species. With its powerful thermal sensors and cameras, a drone can work even during the night. By the use of drones, you can easily research and monitor wildlife without interfering with anything.

Weather Forecast

Drones are used to monitor unpredictable weather conditions. Since they do not need to be manned to operate, drones can be sent into tornadoes and hurricanes. Thus, weather forecasters can acquire insights into the ever-changing weather behaviors. The specialized sensors in them are used to collect detailed data, which allows scientists to prevent misfortunes.

These are just some of the applications of the drone. As technology is constantly advancing, drones are likely to become more advanced than they are today. It is important to continue studying the drone technology’s scope before even applying them as an individual.…

background processes

What You Should Know About Microsoft Host Process Rundll32

You should note that your PC hosts important files that you cannot see when browsing files such as reports, spreadsheets, pictures, and many more in Windows Explorer. A good example of such a system file is rundll32.exe. This system file runs in the background, secretly helping different programs to manage your productivity. Ideally, you do not have to gather a lot of information about this process, and you may not need to run it. However, some basic information about can help you identify threats to your computer.

Dynamic Link Libraries

Most third-party apps and Windows apps use certain functionalities found in libraries in the Windows System folder. These libraries help simplify the developer’s work and save on disk space. Since applications can execute functions that exist in the System32 folder, the developers do not have to write any code to perform the function. Moreover, they do not have to include the code in the installation file when you download the program. You can even run DLLs from the command prompt. You only need to type “rundll32.exe” and DLL you want to run.

When You Encounter Rundll32.exe

Maybe you use Windows Task Manager to check different processes running in the background and come across the rundll32 process. Most users think that their computer is infected by a virus when they see rundll32 in the list of processes running. The truth is that rundll32.exe is safe, and it cannot cause damage to the computer. Therefore, you do not have to stop the process or remove it. In fact, it is a critical process for the performance of the computer.


computer processesYou should note that virus developers assign names to the viruses they create. As a result, they can name some viruses rundll32.exe to cause confusion among users. If you have some knowledge of computers, you can easily differentiate this. For instance, if the fake process is running, it cannot appear in Standard Windows System32. As you know, malware and viruses can compromise the privacy of your information and even steal the business information and even destroy the files on the hard drive. You can run the antivirus scanner when you discover the process you believe is hiding as official rundll32.exe.

How to Identify Fake Rundll32.exe

You can use the task manager to spot fake rundll32.exe processes. In this case, you can view running processes by clicking the empty area near the computer clock and open the Task Manager. You can then view the processes running and check the pathname of rundll32.exe. If the process is not associated with the Windows System32 folder, then it is fake.…

auto repair

FIXD Review – Everything You Should Know

You have the freedom to turn your vehicle into a smart car. This is a simple device that identifies information that ranges from what you get to your car for maintenance and understanding why some things happen. Before you get further into the product, you need to know how it works and what others are saying about it. Fixd is a hardware and software combo that provides you with detailed, actionable information regarding your car. The hardware will feed the information from the car to an app and pinpoint any particular problem. Also, you can give the data to the mechanic. Moreover, this is a handy maintenance device that reminds you when your vehicle requires service.

How it Works

Fixd is a sensor that can be plugged into an OBD-II port of the car. After plugging in the sensor, you can leave it there as it is powered by the car. That means you should not worry as far as recharging the sensor is concerned. You can download the app from Google Play or App Store, depending on the platform that you use. The app guides you to understand what is happening in your vehicle. Moreover, it sends you notifications regarding what you should know whenever something is not right.

Your car should have an OBD-2 port for you to use this app. Fortunately, most cars manufactured after 1996 have this port and can work well with Fixd. That is because modern vehicles have this particular port under the glove box. The app also works with the hybrids, and in the future, it may work with diesel engine vehicles.

Car Problems Detected

The truth is that you can discover a lot of things about your car by using Fixd. Ideally, this sensor can identify over six thousand problems affecting your vehicle that may cause the engine light on. However, the app has not listed all the things it can find. Fortunately, it can tell you whether your car requires the service of a mechanic. For instance, you can use this app to clear dashboard lights that include airbags, stability control, maintenance, and TPMS. It will also monitor your mileage.

You should note that there are other products like Fixd on the market. Some of them include Zubie Key, Verizon’s hum, CarMD, and more. These products connect to your vehicle with a compatible app to provide you with detailed insights regarding your vehicle. The good thing about this app is that it breaks down car problems into understandable language.…