The Zaentz Media Center has a renowned theater on-site: The Alan Splet Theatre. A reception area makes it perfect for educational or corporate seminars and private parties. The facilities are often used by AMPAS for Oscar and select screenings. 

The Alan Splet Theatre is located on the third floor of the tower and was originally used as the mixing and editing facility for more than 200 films at the Saul Zaentz Film Center.  The room itself was designed by the renowned Jeff Cooper Architects. The audio and visual systems of the room have been upgraded to ensure the eminence of the room is brought into the new millenium.

The Splet seats 53 people comfortably and is available to the public for private screenings, conferences, corporate meetings, and gatherings. To learn more, please review the “Technical Information” link to your left.

The Berkeley Filmmakers Screenings Series screens the work of ZMC filmmakers on the third Thursday of the every month in the Splet. Seating is limited and reservations may be made at after the first of each month.

Should you have more specific inquiries relating to post production or digital intermediate uses, please follow this link to contact management.